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Performance indicators

Performance Indicators:
Measure and Manage your Supply Chain

The best tools and methods (performance indicators, KPIs, dashboards) to manage the performance of your Supply Chain.

KPI & Performance: Fundamentals

Too often neglected, the OTIF, DIFOT, service level or fill rate is, in my opinion, the primary indicator in Supply Chain. Discover how to calculate this KPI...

The Inventory Turnover, Days in Inventory, Stock turn, or Stock coverage is one of the most important indicators in Supply Chain. Learn in few clicks how to implement this KPI...

KPI & Performance: Other Tools

Most people think they can master Excel. But how many times have I seen colleagues manually report data and waste considerable time, when all of this could be automated and optimized?...

The forecast accuracy is a key indicator in demand planning. It can help you to reduce your stock-outs, increase your service rate and reduce the cost of your Supply Chain. Learn in 5 steps how to master forecast accuracy formulas and implement the right KPI in your business.

KPI & Performance: Articles

The challenge for your supply chain management will be to find the right balance between your stock level and the satisfaction of your customer needs (customer availability or service rate)...

You will find in this article the 11 mistakes to avoid when measuring the performance of your supply chain. 1) Having no KPIs 2) Having too many KPIs...

SCM METRICS™: The Complete Method

Track and Boost the performance of all your Supply Chain simply and automatically
174 simple steps based on real examples.

You can't improve your performance without first measuring it well.

Regardless of the country, language, size of the company or industry, I, like you, faced overly complex performance management.

Mastering this strategic skill has allowed me to make better decisions, to perform better than most of my colleagues and to have more opportunities in my career.

This program is inspired by more than 15 years of supply chain experience in 5 different countries (France, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, UK) and is aimed at any entrepreneur, employee or freelancer who wants to get quick results with simple and concrete solutions to their problems.

Through these modules, I reveal all the techniques and tips to help you boost your performance and career simply and quickly.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact my team at [email protected]

Edouard Thieuleux

Fondateur - AbcSupplyChain


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