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SCM Analytics™

The best KPIs and Dashboards to analyse & boost the performance of all your Supply Chain & Logistics

Inventory Management Expert™

Reduce your inventory & stockouts and become an Expert

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10 Testimonials from our SCM online courses

supply chain logistique entreprises

Your Logistics & Supply Chain degree is now insufficient! Supply Chain evolves very quickly with more complexity, methodologies and tools to master. I have never stopped training throughout my career to develop my skills in Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory Management, Forecasting and IT tools.

While my colleagues have rested on their degrees skills, I have continued to do Supply Chain Management online courses, reading books, browsing supply chain research and surrounding myself with Experts & Coachs to develop my skills.

This continuous training allowed me to become more efficient and greatly increased my employability and opportunities as well as my salary over the years.

Thanks to this high level of performance, I have had the chance to work in 6 different countries over the past 15 years as a Supply Chain & Logistics Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager, Supply Chain Director, Consultant and Entrepreneur.

Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge while preparing online courses and methodologies for my audience to quickly boost skills in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I highly recommend the "SCM Metrics" and "Inventory Management Expert" courses to becoming an expert.

Edouard Thieuleux

Your SCM Instructor & the Founder of AbcSupplyChain

Expert supply chain logistics inventory management

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