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Online supply chain trainings

Our Online Supply Chain Courses

Actionable online courses created by Edouard Thieuleux with 15 years
of experience in the field of supply chain and having taught thousands of students

Strengthen your Supply Chain Fundamental Skills & Methods​

  • Learn Data Manipulation Techniques that will save you time
  • Build the 2 most important KPIS of SCM
  • Focus your effort in minutes with ABC Analysis & Availability Formula.
  • Measure and improve your Inventory Turnover
  • Clean up Obsolete Stock
  • Choose the right Forecasting Model
  • Introduce Seasonality in your Forecasting
  • Identify the most Strategic Hard and Soft Skills for your career.
  • Download the All in Excel Starter Kit with formulas and tips
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Excel training label

Build, clean, automate and become an Excel Expert in less than 12 hours

  • Master all the main features on EXCEL
  • Learn the essential Excel formulas
  • Learn how to clean and consolidate data quickly
  • Automate all your tasks in a few clicks
  • Become an expert with Power Query & Power Pivot
  • 15 Excel templates to download with SCM / ERP extraction examples
  • Choose between our PRO or EXPERT program based on your level
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SCM Analytics training label

The best KPIs and Dashboards to analyse & boost the performance of all your Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Master the most important KPIs to track your supply chain performance
  • Build efficient, beautiful automatic dashboards
  • Learn how to analyze data and take actions quickly
  • 15 dashboard templates to create & download (power query)
  • Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse, Demand Planning, S&OP Dashboards
  • Become an SCM Analytics Expert in less than 30 hours
  • Choose between our PRO or EXPERT program based on your level
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Inventory management training label

The method to reduce stockouts and overstock by 10% to 30%

  • Reduce your inventory while increasing your service rate
  • From Foundation to Expert level with actionable method
  • Learn how to face demand & supplier lead time uncertainty 
  • 45 steps checklist to optimize your Inventory Management quickly
  • Example of a company that reduced its inventory by 21% in 6 months
  • Consultant tool box and method to impress your clients/managers
  • 3 Excel template to download to start optimizing your inventory today
  • Choose between our PRO or EXPERT program based on your level
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Forecasting training label

Automate and Generate More Accurate Forecasts

  • Save Your Company Money and Increase Customer Service Rate
  • Master the 8 steps forecasting process 
  • Build, Test and Implement 20+ Forecasting models
  • Build Automatic Excel Templates
  • Practice With Real Data And Thousands Of Products
  • Implement an end to end forecasting process in 4 weeks
  • Discover the future of Forecasting (Python, Machine Learning …)
  • Get inspired by Amazon Forecasting Secrets
  • Choose between our PRO or EXPERT program based on your level
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Excel assessment test for supply chain professionals

Excel assessment

VLookup, PowerQuery, Pivot Table, do you know them all? Find out with our popular Excel Assessment

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Inventory assessment test for supply chain professionals
Inventory Management assessment
Are you capable of adapting your inventory management policy to the specificity of each product / category ? With this quick test you’ll have your answer
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Free assessment on KPI for supply chain professionals

Analytics assessment

Ready to present your latest KPIs to the board? Are you dashboards up to the game? Be sure in 5 minutes by taking a test.

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Free assessment on forecasting for supply chain professionals
Forecasting assessment
Are your Forecasting methods sufficient to optimize your service level ? How do you level up compared to the best? After this test you will will know. 
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