Inventory Management Expert™

The complete method to reduce stockouts and overstocks by 10% to 30%

These 4 last years have been very intense ...

  • 2020 👉 Pandemic, the world stopped …
  • 2021 👉 Lack of visibility, suppliers lead time, transport crisis
  • 2022 👉 Geopolitical tensions, inflation and market volatility
  • 2023 👉 Even more geopolitical tensions and inflation
  • 2024… ?🤷‍♂️

    We have lived an emotional rollercoaster in Supply Chain & Logistics:
  • The result?

    No visibility, too much stock, and too many stockouts.

    You can feel it in the stress levels of your team.

    Managers and directors don’t know where to start.

    And the rest of the Supply Chain professionals can’t get their heads out of operations (and suffer daily).

    Let’s take the example of Walmart, the distribution giant in the USA with 572 billion in turnover.

    gestion de stock walmart

    Following the pandemic in 2020, they suffered massive shortages of essential products (Toilet paper 🧻, Pasta, Coca Cola etc.)

    Then overstocks in mid-2020 with the drop in in-store consumption (vs. Amazon)

    Then shortages in 2021 after having reduced safety stocks too much and the lack of reliability of their suppliers in Asia and China.

    In 2022, Walmart’s inventory grew 32% to more than $62 billion.

    To remedy this, Walmart has notably:

    -Made massive promotions
    -Disabled its automatic replenishments

    That led to stockouts… despite the overall overstock.

    This gives a real “yo-yo” effect: one year overstocked, one year out of stock.

    You also may be familiar with this yo-yo effect in your daily operations. Due to repetitive overreactions to events (with a hint of delay).

    So, how to face these uncertainties?

    How to gain back control over your inventory management?

    The 6 (wrong) solutions to gain back control

    Hoping for demand to stabilize

    It's been 15 years that I work in supply chain. And I have never encountered a "relaxed" year. The last 4 years have proven this: everything is moving quicker and quicker. The uncertainty about demand is a reality for many sectors.

    Waiting for lead times to stabilize

    Waiting for logistics lead times to improve is akin to waiting for demand changes – a waste of time. Even with optimal lead times and good supplier relationships, being solely focused on operations is a red flag. It's crucial to look beyond day-to-day tasks.

    Working more than everyone else (for no results)

    Holding onto the 'first to arrive, last to leave' mindset doesn't lead to progress; instead, it brings you nearer to burnout, both physically and mentally. While you may be efficient at operational tasks, this approach often falls short in terms of productivity and proactivity.

    Waiting for your ERP/WMS Software's update

    Many say, "Things will get easier with a new ERP/WMS Software." However, my experience shows that changing ERP systems is costly, time-consuming, and complex. Often, companies continue to rely on Excel for its simplicity and intuitiveness. So, the question is: How long will you wait and struggle before achieving efficient inventory management, regardless of the IT system in place?

    Waiting for solutions from your superiors

    Your superiors are probably like yourself, with their heads deep in the operations. If they haven't brought you the right solutions and methods yet, there are few chances they will later on.

    Go through a new Masters degree or theory training

    Going all the way through a highly respectable university might get you through the barriers of some big companies and recruitment companies. Theoretical training may help you understand some concepts better.

    But, what are these trainings missing?

    First, let's take a look at what they look like...

    Here is what a classic Inventory Management training program looks like

    • You learn lovely concepts with extensive, intellectual explanations...
    • You learn never-ending complex math formulas...
    • You feel more competent and ready to put all these theories to use...

    Here is the reality when you go back to your company

    • You realize you need more reliable data to apply theory.
    • Everyone is all over you with 15 extremely urgent priorities due tonight.
    • You have no idea what to start off with, and you fall back into a very short-term management of your operations.
    • After a few days, your training seems so far away, and your performance stagnates.
    • You continue to suffer from the "Yo-Yo effect" with a year of overstock, a year of stockouts, and a year of overstock (sometimes simultaneously).

    Who am I to be telling you all this?

    Consultant Supply Chain Expert formateur

    Edouard Thieuleux

    Your Instructor & Founder of AbcSupplyChain

    It’s been 15 years that I have faced inventory management and supply chain challenges.

    I’ve been in positions such as Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager, and Supply Chain Director in France, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, and Portugal.

    In sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and consumer goods. In each of my positions, I have:

    • Reduced inventory between -10% and -40%
    • Improved the service rate between +1 and +10 points
    • Automated/Simplified inventory management on hundreds of thousands of products
    • With ERP/WMS, or with Excel
    I’ve also transformed small businesses and multinational corporations by optimizing their inventory management as a consultant in various sectors.

    On all of my positions and projects, I have reduced inventories by more than $700 millions for my companies and clients. Several billions considering the hundreds of members trained by this method.
    expert consultant supply chain logistique

    However, everything has been challenging in my career.

    I’ve either been overworked by operational emergencies, or drowned in complicated projects.

    (I’ve notably worked with MIT for 3 years to set up overly complex supply models).

    Through tryouts and mistakes, I’ve identified simple and concrete actions to handle my inventory.

    I have selected the ones with which I obtained the best results.

    Step by step, this list has transformed into my method.

    I’ve used it in many of my consulting projects and I have enhanced it due to the many feedbacks of the member of my community.

    I called this method Inventory Management Expert.

    Inventory Management Expert™

    The complete method to reduce stockouts and overstocks by 10% to 30%

    (especially in times of high uncertainty)

    Reduce your inventory in a few weeks

    Apply a structured method to lower your stock and improve your cashflow quickly.

    Increase your customer service rate

    Find the right balance between inventory levels and customer service rate.

    Regain visibility and control

    Set up simple inventory control rules in Excel immediately, regardless of your rigid ERP/Inventory Software

    Get serenity and save time

    Automate everything, apply a 20/80 approach to focus on the essentials and stop working like a "firefighter"

    Get better career opportunities

    Boost your inventory management performance to increase your visibility inside and outside your company.

    A 20-hours Structured Program using Real-World Case Studies

    FOUNDATION LEVEL: Master the 5% of Actions for 40% of Results in 3 Hours

    - I tell you everything you need to know if you start from scratch
    - When & How much to order
    - Different Inventory Management Policies
    - The Essential KPIs
    - 9 Essential parameters
    - Seasonality in 30 minutes
    - Automatic Min/Max Reorder Excel Template
    - Simple Automatic dashboard

    No need to use 30 parameters to optimize your inventory. I will tell you why and how to choose and calculate them.​​

    PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: Master 20% of Actions for 80% of Results in 5 hours

    - Uncertainty of demand
    - Supplier uncertainty (long lead times)
    - ABC XYZ target service rate
    - Economic order quantities (EOQ)
    - Dynamic order point
    - 6 ways to calculate your safety stock (and how to choose the one fitting your business)
    - Complete Excel file with dynamic safety stock
    - Parameters Optimization
    - How to analyze your reorder file (Orders Management)

    Calculate your seasonality in less than an hour to avoid missing the ups and downs of your business. Tips for dealing with volatility during uncertain times.

    EXPERT LEVEL: 45-steps Consultant Checklist to go to the next level

    1. File creation
    - Excel tips to go faster
    - Data Retrieving
    - Data Consolidation
    - Data Cleansing
    2. KPIs, Dashboard & Analysis
    - The Best KPIs
    - Sales Projection
    - Inventory Projection
    - How to analyze your dashboard to skyrocket your results

    I will introduce you the tools I have used for 10 years as a director and consultant to define my purchasing budget goal per week (expert level)​

    3. Order Management
    - Steps to clean your inventory
    - Steps clean/set up your supply parameters in your system/Software
    - Automatic reorder system to get big short-term gains
    4. Demand & Forecast
    - Short-term & Long-Term Forecast Review
    - New Products Review
    - Stabilize Demand and optimize product range to get long-term benefits

    All the tools you need to manage your inventory, whatever your industry​

    5. Procurement & Suppliers
    - Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Review
    - Suppliers & Payment Terms Review
    - Cash-to-cash cycle optimization
    - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    - Consignement Inventory
    6. Logistics & Distribution
    - Inventory Check (Stock Take)
    - Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (simple to implement)
    - Lead Time stabilization & Reduction
    - Storage capacity reduction (warehouse, factory, store)

    I guide you through analyzing your dashboard, helping you unlock the full potential of your data for better decision-making

    7. Software & Innovation
    - How to keep your data clean & stable
    - Automate Excel and your Inventory Management
    - How to quit Excel (ERP & Machine Learning)
    - My best tips on why and how to use RFID/Blockchain
    8. Communication & Action Plan
    - How to define your priorities to be ultra-efficient
    - How to make an effective presentation (+ my PPT template)
    - How to Empower your teams

    How to extract your data from your ERP, create your Excel file, analyze, calculate and update your software. You can also use the Excel files as specifications for your IT developments.​

    🎁 7 Bonuses 🎁

    Managing demand EXPLOSION in 6 steps

    From my field experience: my action plan for crisis management during sudden demand drops

    Managing demand DROP in 6 steps

    From my field experience: my action plan for crisis management during sharp demand surges

    New Power Query Excel to manage your stock automatically

    2 new comprehensive Excel files for creating an efficient, automatic dashboard - now 5 times lighter with Power Query and Power Pivot.

    New forecast tool generator review

    I've developed an innovative tool to generate forecasts in Excel, to automatically flag problematic items. This breakthrough helps prevent stockouts and overstocks to ensure optimal inventory levels.

    Live group Q&A with Edouard and Mario (December 2023 new members only)

    Live Q&A coaching session We cover a wide range of topics including technical aspects, mathematics, machine learning, communication, and career advice

    Private coaching call

    1 one 1 video coaching with me after you complete the course! See the example of Iggy below (those are just the last 10 minutes, we had a much deeper conversation 😉)

    Amazon Inventory Mangement Secrets

    Mario, an Inventory and Forecasting Expert at Amazon, will share his strategies that led to the successful management of over 100 million products.

    Become a certified Inventory Managment Expert™

    Prove Your Expertise and Boost Your Career 🚀

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    Solo Pack

    Become an Inventory Management Expert
    $ 2000 or 6×$360
    • Inventory Management Expert™ full course and ressources access.
    • Full video support
    • 8 bonuses including "Amazon Inventory Management Secrets"
    • 1 Live Q&A with Mario and Edouard (Only for new December 2023 members)
    • 1 Private Coaching call with Edouard after completion
    • Inventory Management Expert™ official certification.
    • 60 days progress warranty

    Teams Pack

    Build a team of experts
    • Inventory Management Expert™ Solo Pack for each team member
    • Custom skills assessment
    • Tailored support & team reports
    • Individual certification

    Which formula to choose?

    Solo Formula
    The essentials for independent success.

    You want to discover my complete method independently and at your own pace.

    • Any professional who manages or moves physical goods
    • Managers/ Directors/ Executives who need to quickly get to the point to manage their teams
    • Consultants who need concrete tools and methods to meet their clients’ expectations
    • Entrepreneurs who want to achieve fast and lasting results by following a simple method.
    • Students and job seekers wishing to boost their skill and attractivity.

    Team Formula
    Train a Team of Experts

    You want to discover my complete method and train your team.

    • Managers/Directors/Executives who need to train their teams in no time
    • Entrepreneurs looking to boost their company’s performance
    • HR and training managers wanting a turnkey solution to ensure a certified upskilling of their teams

    Our Guarantees

    1. Progress without risk

    In this training, you will get a powerful method to improve your forecast accuracy and become a top performer.

    If you apply the content seriously, it will take you to the next level in your career, like the hundreds of people already trained by my methods.

    But if, unfortunately, this is not the case…

    I will give you a full refund if you have not made progress within 60 days (just send us an email).

    2. Benefit from a customized "human" support

    We provide customized support by email and video in case of questions or blockages to get you through the training quickly.


    We get your questions covered 😉

    Our technical team and I use a video messaging tool that allows us to send you nice videos to get you unstuck immediately.


    Do not hesitate to send us your Excel files so that we can analyze them.

    3. Enjoy regular updates

    We regularly update our training courses free of charge for our members with the latest innovations and tools.

    How much longer will you wait to become expert?

    The gap between 2 people with the same profile (diploma, job…) can widen very quickly, at any step of their career.

    Proactive people who keep building the right skills can quickly differentiate from the rest, because there are so many wait-and-see people.

    With ever-increasing competition and the rise of Automation and Artificial Intelligence, the difference can be exponential.

    At the end, there are winners and loosers.

    They Trusted Us👇


    Easy method and based on real examples. I also enjoyed the personal video support to answer to my very specifics challenges of a DtoC and Ecommerce business. 
    Now I have the perfect tools and checklist to scale my operations.

    Iggy Alvarez

    Director of Operations & Logistics Ecommerce
    📍New York, USA

    “AbcSupplyChain gives me the right tools and methods to scale my Consulting Business and boost the performance of my client” 

    Kevin Smith

    Supply Chain Consultant
    📍Los Angeles, USA

    “Finally a simple and concrete method to go straight to the point in just a few hours. We reduced our warehouse inventory by 30% ! “

    Mamadou Diakho

    Head of Replenishment & Demand Planning – CARREFOUR
    📍 Dubai, UAE


    ” I loved this program: easy to understand, easy to follow. You have the lessons and exercises to practice. Edouard makes his lessons easy as a Supply Chain Management should be. The examples are based on real cases” 

    Julien Schmitt

    Supply Chain Manager

    “The course helped me to structure everything from the production to the customer. Now I have a clear strategy”

    Ekaterina Kvasha

    Head of Operations – Startup
    📍Oslo, Norway

    Very methodical and didactic, we go straight to the point.
    We can apply the methods in our company without spending months learning theory. 

    Auder Loyer

    Head of Supply Chain Planning – BIC Group
    📍Paris, France


    The advice shared by Edouard as well as his private coaching were very enriching! I had a lot of questions about my career path and about the evolution of the Supply Chain in general.
    Edouard was able to answer them all! He has a great knowledge of the field, and his experiences that he does not hesitate to share are very rewarding for a student who is still at the beginning of his professional career.
    Thank you very much!
    stagiaire supply chain logistique
    Maxime Govart
    Junior Supply Chain Consultant

    “I joined AbcSupplyChain during my master’s degree to go faster. I quickly got a permanent job, became ‘Mr Excel’ and I now train my manager!”

    Jean-Baptiste Guennoc

    Supply Chain Manager Assistant
    France 🇫🇷

    "Edouard’s way of teaching is very clear and simple. I recommend it if you want a fast and professional method to learn anything about supply chain. His method provides great business examples to be applied in your career."
    Simon Gouabault
    Demand Planner assistant - LG Electronics


    In general, the program is for any professional managing inventory.

    Solo Formula:

    • Managers/ Directors/ Executives who need to quickly get to the point to manage their teams
    • Consultants who need concrete tools and methods to meet their clients’ expectations
    • Entrepreneurs who want to achieve fast and lasting results by following a simple method.
    • Students and job seekers wishing to boost their skill and attractivity.

    Teams Formula:

    • Managers/ Directors/ Executives who need to train their teams in no time
    • Entrepreneurs looking to boost their company’s performance
    • HR and training managers wanting a tailored solution to ensure a certified upskilling of their teams

    The program only opens for a few days each year to ensure quality follow-up with members and to prepare for future updates.

    When the program opens, you can join on the day and not start the program for several weeks or months. Start at your own pace. However, I recommend that you devote at least 30 minutes a week to the program to get quick results.

    You do not necessarily need to have any experience in inventory management, supply chain or logistics. This program will start with an introduction to the main principles before going into more detail on techniques and methods

    On the other hand, a beginner level on Excel (basic functions like Vlookup, Sum, If …) is useful to rebuild the Excel files quickly (be reassured, I film my screen step by step).

    It is also important to have a stable Internet connection and Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

    You get access to the method in a replay platform, allowing you to go at your rhythm. Some very motivated trainees will go through it in a few days, while others will take a few weeks with less time. I record my screen as I build dashboards in front of you. Then, all you need to do is repeat my actions with your data. Or you can use mine to practice.

    Also, after joining the training, our support team will welcome you by video. Then, you can ask them anything about the training during your journey.

    Once you have registered, you will immediately be emailed access to a site reserved exclusively for students. There you will find downloadable videos and Excel files organized in modules that cover everything you need to know one by one. We’ll get right down to business with simple examples.

    We all have different schedules. That’s why our program is based on your availability and your desire to get up to speed quickly. You can log in and progress through the course at any moment and see improvement in the way your forecast after putting in practice the first few lessons.

    The duration varies according to your initial level and how much you can apply in your company.

    The training is designed to last 4 weeks (5 hours/week).

    The busiest people (Directors, Managers and “Forecasting Firefighters” 🚒 …) will complete this method in less than 8 weeks (2.5 hours/week)

    There is 20 hours of content and exercises to apply immediately, because I know your time is valuable and I will get right to the point.

    Each module is broken down into short episodes of less than 15  minutes to allow you to progress quickly and at your own pace.

    The resources (videos, tools, downloadable files) will be available immediately after your payment has been confirmed.

    You will then have 1 year of guaranteed access to complete the course (most of our members complete it in less than 1 month). If you complete it before that time, your access will be extended for 5 years with full updates, this is to motivate you to complete the training and reward your commitment 💪

    The resources are regularly updated with feedback from our participants as well as the evolution of tools and trends in Supply Chain Management.

    The certificate, Excel and Power Point downloads will be available for life.

    After your order, you have 60 days to review the course, apply my advice and decide if it meets your expectations.

    If you haven’t progressed, just send an email for a 100% refund.

    The only condition to be eligible for reimbursement is to try the techniques that are revealed in this program.

    If you would like to certify more than one person from your team and receive individual support and additional bonuses.

    Please contact us via the TEAM formula to receive a personalized analysis suiting your needs.

    Excel 365 is used in this program. The files are compatible with versions 2013, 2016, 2019 and office 365 in French and English. 
    The dashboards will however display slightly differently on excel versions prior to 2013 and MAC version (I will give several alternative solutions if you have a MAC).

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