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Inventory Management: Fundamentals

The Inventory Turnover, Days in Inventory, Stock turn, or Stock coverage is one of the most important indicators in Supply Chain. Learn in few clicks how to implement it...

There are many very simple and affordable ways to better manage stocks, and some remain little used despite their proven effectiveness. One of them is the ABC Analysis...

6 different ways to Calculate your Safety Stock. Definition, Formulas and Examples in Excel. Discover the essential safety stocks methods to optimize your inventory...

Inventory Management: To Go Further

How to calculate economic order quantity (EOQ)? Learn the EOQ Formula to optimize your inventory and profitability. Example with NIKE products in Excel...

How to include uncertainty in a ABC Classification? Master the ABC XYZ Analysis: Definitions, Formulas and Examples in Excel to optimize your inventory...

Best Inventory Management articles

Find the Best ERP & Inventory Management Software that suits your Business, Industry, Size, Budget. Compare, Select, Choose, Adapt

The next Financial Crisis is coming and will affect your Cash Flow. How to prepare and optimize your Supply Chain & Inventory levels

10 proven solutions to optimize your Inventory, improve your Service Rate, increase your Cash Flow : 1) Supply chain KPIs 2) ABC Analysis 3) Clean...

10 common mistakes you should avoid, to ensure smooth Inventory Management: 1) Lack of control of the product catalog 2) No Supply Chain KPIs...

Inventory Management Expert: the complete method

Optimize your Inventory levels while increasing your Service Rate.
45 simple steps based on real examples.

Proper inventory management and its impact on cash flow are critical to the success of your business.

Finding the right balance between the right inventory level without impacting profitability & customer satisfaction (service rate & availability rate) is one of the main challenges in our supply chains.

Over the past 15 years, I had the chance to develop many projects to automate, simplify and optimize inventory thanks to my various experiences such as: Consultant, Supply Chain Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Director.

I am particularly proud of the automation of the stock distribution of 50 warehouses in 24 countries as well as the deployment of a new replenishment algorithm on a network of 1,500 stores developed in partnership with the MIT.

I founded AbcSuplyChain to give you different tools, Excel and best practices to optimize and reduce your inventory as fast as possible. Master these techniques clearly boosted my performance and accelerated my career in Supply Chain.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact my team at [email protected]

Edouard Thieuleux

Founder - AbcSupplyChain

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