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In the complex world of business operations, inventory management is a critical aspect that often goes underappreciated. While it’s evident that inventory incurs significant

In Supply Chain, data management and processing are vital. To be able to pilot physical flows, it is essential to master information flows: the

In this article, I am going through the details on how to select an adequate Inventory Management Software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for your company.

We should talk more about coding languages in Supply Chain. Companies like Amazon need skilled people, able to both understand Supply Chain concepts and

Since the beginning of my supply chain career, I have noticed that companies waste a lot of time collecting and updating data when they

Do you know the term “ Digital Nomad ”? You’ve probably heard it before, or seen it on dreamy Instagram posts. The principle is

According to Forbes magazine, the W eb Summit in Lisbon is the best technology conference in the world and it is attended by both

For some time now, Supply Chain training and e-learning have been on the rise. Simple to use, economical, and created by leading universities or

I was recently invited to give a presentation on Supply Chain innovations at a conference in Sydney. I will show you what I saw,

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