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Analyze & Boost the performance of all your supply chain simply and automatically
(and stop working like a firefighter 🔥🚒 )

The performance of our supply chains has been degrading for more than 10 years

The inventory turnover in terms of days is higher today than 10 years ago …

Inventory turnover in days
Source : Corporate Annual Reports - Multi industries

Over the last 5 years, across all industries, inventory has been growing faster than sales.

In the meantime, the operating margins of companies are decreasing:

Operating Margins
Source : Corporate Annual Reports - Multi industries

So why are supply chains underperforming?

Despite all the progress made in terms of systems, inventory management, forecasts…

Despite all the buzzwords around AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain…?

According to a study by Supply Chain Insights LLC, for the last decade the reasons have been the same:

  1. Lack of visibility of our supply chains
  2. Lack of general understanding of supply chain management
  3. The inability to properly analyze data
  4. Coordination issues between services
  5. Increasing volatility of demand

Let’s focus on the first two points.

Many professionals have a poor understanding of how supply chain management works.

As soon as they are in coordination, analysis, or management positions, their knowledge is limited to the department they are assigned (production, logistics, distribution, etc.).

They often don’t know where to start.

I realized this every time I would have a chat with a client.

I would ask simple questions such as:

“What is your level of customer service?”

“Do you have any idea of the occupancy rate of your warehouse?”

The confused answers I was getting reflected the total lack of visibility on their situation.

So they tend to work in a “firefighter mode.”

Managing operational emergencies one after the other without taking a step back.

This can quickly become stressful and exhausting.

The first step to regain visibility

Measuring and analyzing your performance should be your priority.

However, there is a big gap between the reality of the field and the expectations.

On social media, and in the media, people are always talking about innovation.

But for many, the foundations are often not mastered.

There is no point in adding complexity if you don’t measure your performance properly.

You can’t improve what you are not measuring.

So, where to start?

In order to focus on the most important, we set up essential indicators (the famous KPIs – Key Performance Indicator).

I have had different experiences with KPIs during my career…

  • During my first internship, we had no visibility in the production plant where I worked. Everything was urgent.

  • On the contrary, when I was Supply Chain Director in Australia, I spent several hours a day (late at night) justifying myself with incomprehensible reports developed by “experts” who had never done my job.

I realized that these two situations are quite recurrent.

So there are two classic mistakes:

  1. Not enough indicators: common in small companies and startups that do not yet have a mature supply chain.

  2. Too many indicators: common in large groups, I like to call it the “expert syndrome”.

To find the right balance, you must differentiate your KPIs according to several strategic levels.

Once you have identified the right KPIs, you can set up your reporting to analyze the performance of your supply chain.

Then there are 3 major problems that prevent you from taking the next step.

The 3 problems that prevent you from going further

1. You don’t have time.

I am familiar with the daily life of supply chain positions.

Punctuated by hundreds of emails and endless meetings.

I feel like it’s even worse in recent years with the expansion of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and all the online meeting apps…

It has become so easy, that people have meetings for anything that comes up.

Here's what my mailbox looked like when I was a Supply Chain Manager.

2. It’s too complicated.

This anecdote will probably ring a bell.

In Australia, during a meeting with different managers, we could not agree on a metric to measure our service level.

DIF, DIFOT, OTIF… acronyms were quoted in all directions with different numbers.

There are dozens of ways to name some indicators.

You can quickly get lost and not know what you are talking about, which is quite frustrating.

3. It’s too manual (or it will cost you a fortune on software).

Maybe you update your reports manually every week.

And you have to fight with your ERP to extract the data, format it in Excel, make the calculations…

And come to your office at the end of the week still not knowing what’s going on in your supply chain.

You may have thought of automating your work on BI software by using consultants.

It’s a risky move…

It will cost you a lot of money and if the need is not well defined, it could turn into a fiasco.

I stopped counting the millions of dollars spent by my companies to develop solutions that were not even used once the project was over (the users preferred to go back to Excel).

And then you have to be patient.

How much time will it take to update your ERP system?

6 months? 5 years?

I didn’t wait years before my IT department updated my ERPs (SAP, AS400, Microsoft Navision, Oracle and others …)

I realized early on that it was more efficient to develop tools in Excel, focusing on the essentials, than transforming our expensive and rigid ERP systems.

Whatever the computer system, we often end up on Excel.

Early in my career, I developed a simple, automatic dashboard that allowed me to make quick decisions and perform.

This dashboard has truly changed my life.

I’ll tell you a little bit about it below.

But first, let’s look at the 5 traps that many supply chain professionals fall into (even those with a lot of experience).

The 5 (bad) solutions to become successful and get your head above water

Rely on your diploma

The Supply Chain today is not the same as it was 5 years ago. Everything is moving faster and faster and the skills you have developed will soon be obsolete...

I still see too many people relying on their degrees without questioning themselves or wanting to go into debt for 10 years hoping to secure a successful career.

Your degrees will not guarantee you your job these next 10 years, let alone your future promotions and raises.

Working harder than everyone else (for nothing)

The "first in, last out" mentality is not getting you anywhere. Except perhaps to your physical and mental exhaustion.

You will eventually be efficient in your operational tasks. But rarely productive or proactive.


Waiting for an ERP update

I often hear:

"Right now it's complicated, but when we get a new ERP, everything will be simpler"

From my own experience, changing ERP is costly, time-consuming and complex.

Even after the switchover, most professionals still work on Excel, which is simpler and intuitive. I have worked 15 years with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, I know what I am talking about ;-).

How many years will you wait and suffer before you perform well, no matter what IT system?

Waiting for a solution from your superiors

Your superiors are probably like you, "head in the sand."

If they haven't already provided you with the right solutions and methods, they are unlikely to do so later.

Doing a new Master's degree or theoretical training

Going to a top school can help you get through the filter of some large groups and recruiting firms.

Some theoretical training can also help you better understand some concepts.

So, what is missing from these trainings?

Let's first look at what they look like...

Here is what a classic Supply Chain training looks like

  • You learn beautiful concepts
  • You learn about project management, business…
  • You feel smarter and ready to fight…

Here is the reality when you go back to your company

  • Everyone jumps on you with 15 urgent priorities for tonight.

  • You don’t know where to start and you fall back into a very short term management.

  • After a few days, this training seems far away and your performance stagnates.
  • You continue to lack visibility on your logistics, your products, your suppliers…

Who am I to tell you this?

Consultant Supply Chain Expert formateur

Edouard Thieuleux

Your Instructor & Founder of AbcSupplyChain


+30K subscribers (across two channels)

I have been confronted with the challenges of Supply Chain Performance Management for 15 years.

I have held Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager, and Supply Chain Director positions in France, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and Portugal.

In sectors such as manufacturing, mass distribution and consumer products.

Mastering this strategic skill has allowed me to make better decisions, perform better than most of my colleagues, and have more opportunities in my career.

career supply chain expert leader

The dashboard that changed my life

Let me tell you a little story…

This was several years ago.

At the time I was a supply chain project manager at Decathlon.

My boss came to me one day to tell me:

"Edouard, we need your help...Our 22 supply chain managers, 22 CFOs and 150 demand planners are all using different tools to drive their supply chain and finance performance.

There are Excel sheets all over the place, with lots of miscalculations.

There is a severe lack of visibility and this is felt on availability rate, inventory, and stress level of the teams.

We tried to centralize everything on our SAP system with a BI tool, but nobody wants to use this complex tool.

Anyway, you who are good with Excel and understand our supply chain well, can you go to everyone and simplify this?"

I start to travel and meet all the users of this project.

Little by little, I am building a model.

I have a hard time in the beginning, because the project scope is huge:

  • 24 countries
  • 22 brands
  • Hundreds of people
  • Tens of thousands of products
  • Hundreds of thousands of quantity

I’d better not make a mistake with the formula, the consequences would be disastrous for the group…

After 3 months of hard work, I finally have a tool that works.

I was invited to the Global Supply Chain Manager team meeting to present it.

I’m not the first person to try to change the way they work…

…and I feel that nobody believes in this dark room where everybody is asleep after the meal and the daily sport session (pretty common at Decathlon).

No chitchat, I open my Excel file and start presenting the general dashboard.

With the main KPIs and beautiful graphics.

The room starts to wake up.

Then I announce that I can update this file in a few seconds.

I launch the update in 1 click.

The pressure is mounting… (I still have a doubt that it might crash)

…And BOOM ! the file is updated with all the graphics and projections (big relief)

And then the managers start to stand up and applaud me.

Because beyond the “wow” effect of the dashboard, they could feel that they finally had a reliable tool in front of them.

Finally, a tool that gives visibility on their entire supply chain.

They had needed it for decades.


After this project, everyone in the company’s management started to know me, not only in the supply chain department.

A few months later, I was asked to move to Brazil at the age of 27 to develop the group’s supply chain and train the teams in place.

This Excel dashboard has changed my life…

(For the record, 10 years later, my file was still being used in the company)

I then applied this process dozens of times.

First in Brazil as Supply Chain Manager, with a chaotic supply chain.

Then in Australia as Supply Chain Director, with contacts all over the world.

Each time, I needed visibility from the supplier to the end customer.

So I had dashboards for Purchasing, Production, Logistics, Transport, Stores, Demand Planning…

By repeating the same actions and analyses over and over again, I have developed a standard 8-step method regardless of the industry and size of your company.

I have used it again and again in my consulting projects as an entrepreneur.

Then I improved it following the feedback of my current members.

I call this method SCM Analytics.


Analyze & Boost the performance of all your supply chain simply and automatically
(and stop working like a firefighter 🔥🚒 )

This program is for you if you want to...

The Complete SCM Analytics™ Method
in 8 steps

1) Understand the supply chain and all its indicators for all industries

Detailed explanations of supply chain processes with the necessary indicators :
1) KPIs Retail & Stores
2) KPIs E-commerce
3) KPIs Distributor / FMCG
4) KPIs Warehouses / Logistics
5) KPIs Transport / Import / Export
6) KPIs Industry / Production / Agribusiness
7) KPIs Purchasing / Procurement / Sourcing
8) KPIs Production Raw materials

2) Select the essential KPIs without falling into the expert syndrome

-I will tell you how to quickly identify the essential KPIs (20/80) for your business
-Where to start immediately to get quick results (a common problem in small businesses)
-Without falling into the expert syndrome and getting lost in details that will impair your performance (classic mistake in large groups)

3) Extract and clean data from your ERP/Software to Excel

-Identify the data to extract for your KPIs
-How to extract them from your ERP / Software / WMS / TMS / BI even if you are not a computer scientist
-How to automatically clean them on Excel and stop wasting hours every week manipulating them
-Finally have reliable data and stop driving your supply chain blindly

4) Calculate the indicators: all the rules with real examples

-All calculation rules are explained simply
-No need to be a mathematician, I will give you examples on Excel with tens of thousands of articles
-Concrete examples in supply chain with ERP extractions to practice and learn quickly

5) Create an effective dashboard that will impress your management

-Create an effective dashboard in less than 2 hours
-Create a design that will make a strong impression with your management
-Calculate your indicators on several sites (store, factory, warehouses..)
-Master the latest Excel functions like advanced charts and graphs
-9 complete Excel dashboards to download covering the entire supply chain and all industries.
-I share my screen and create step by step these dashboards with tens of thousands of articles.

6) Automate the update and then migrate to software (BI, ERP, WMS..)

-How to automate its update in 1 click to finally start analyzing your performance on Monday at 9:30 am
-The new Excel structure which I recommend to simplify everything (I discovered it very recently)
-How to use these reports as specifications to set them up on a BI or ERP software (Power BI, Qlick, Business Object, Tableau)

7) Analyze your Dashboard to get straight to the essentials

-I will tell you how I have been analyzing my dashboards for 15 years to always stay focused on the most important
-My Macro/Micro 20/80 method applied to many examples
-Concrete examples with thousands of articles (inventory, forecasts...)

8) Improve your performance and have long term results

-Set realistic and ambitious goals at the same time
-How to improve your results and empower all departments
-How to not stay disconnected from the field
-Mistakes to avoid so as not to fall back into the daily management of fires (firefighter)

With many bonuses...

BONUS 1 : My benchmarking database of the KPIs of hundreds of companies

I will analyze and share the indicators of hundreds of companies (all sectors covered).
To help you compare and set short-term and long-term goals for your supply chain.

BONUS 2 : Improve and boost the performance of your TEAMS

-You cannot have a successful supply chain without safe, motivated, and fulfilled teams.
-I will share with you how I have been improving the performance of my teams for 10 years without "policing"
-KPIs and Excel dashboards that I use

BONUS 3 : Measure & reduce the impact of your supply chain on our PLANET

-Don't wait any longer for your management to start measuring the impact of your supply chain on the planet
-Simple and concrete action plan to get started immediately
-KPIs and CSR standards that I recommend

BONUS 4 : 2 video COACHING with Edouard

-Have you got a question, are you stuck or finding something difficult?
-I analyze your work on video
-Direct and honest feedback on your dashboard, KPIs, analysis, presentation before a management committee


At the end of this program, receive an official SCM Analytics certificate to prove your expertise in supply chain and boost your CV and career.


-8 new automatic dashboards, 5 times lighter using the power of Power Query and Power Pivot (advanced Excel modules).
- It's much easier than you think and will be able to handle millions of rows in a few clicks.
-Free update for all new and old SCM Analytics members.


A complete 8-step method to measure your performance and have lasting results

excel report training power query

Discover all the essential indicators for the entire supply chain.

chaine approvisionnement

I will explain how to set up a SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, and AUTOMATIC dashboard with very useful Excel formulas.

Master the 5 essential pillars to measure your performance sustainably


Something that many people find difficult: extract data from your ERP and make it reliable.

dashboard supply chain logistics transport

I will tell you how to build 9 complete dashboards with +10,000 items to get to the essential and impress your management

I will share with you the KPIs of hundreds of companies to help you set realistic and ambitious goals in your industry (+30 industries)

Are you stuck? I will unblock you with a free video analysis.

warehouse dashboard KPIs

Design dynamic KPIs map in less than 10 minutes for your warehouse, factory, store, plant. You can then display or print them to share with your team.

In my new update, I will show you how to use Power Query and Power Pivot to create even lighter, powerful, and automatic dashboards. (much easier than creating macros 🚀 )

Track & Boost the performance of all your supply chain simply and automatically

15+ Complete Excel files with real data to set up your dashboard immediately

Get an official international certificate to prove your expertise and boost your career 🚀

Increase your attractiveness by sharing your new expertise on LinkedIn.

What Experts & Leaders think of my methods 👇

Develop these key skills to boost your performance and career

Become an AbcSupplyChain Member and join our private member area

logistics supply chain course online

Get free access to a hundred private videos where I answer members' questions

(Private Toolbox)

SCM Analytics™ Solo

The complete method to become an Expert
$ 2000 or 6 x $360
  • The complete SCM Analytics™ in 8 structured steps
  • The 15 complete dashboards with many industry examples
  • Build a step-by-step automated dashboard in less than 3 hours.
  • 2 BONUS modules (KPIs teams and KPIS impact planet).
  • My benchmark analysis of KPIs from hundreds of companies
  • Update: New automatic Dashboards with Power Query / Power Pivot
  • 2 free video coaching to get you to the next level (made by Edouard)
  • Official certification to prove your expertise and boost your career

SCM Analytics™ Teams

Build a team of experts
  • Assessment of your team's needs and expertise levels
  • Program accessible to any level of expertise
  • Tracking your team's progress and providing regular updates
  • Unlimited video analysis of your teams to ensure rapid progress and avoid blockages

Which formula to choose?

Solo Formula
The essentials for independent success.

Who is this program for?

• Student
Supply Chain Analyst
Supply Chain Coordinator
Logistics Manager
Procurement Manager
Demand Planner
Material Planner
Supply Planner
Supply Chain Manager/Director
Supply & Demand Planning Manager (S&OP)
Supply Chain Project Manager
Data scientist
Supply Chain Expert
...And any professional who analyzes supply chain data.

Team Formula
Go faster with the help of an expert

Who is this program for?

• Operations & Supply Chain managers with a team
Executives (Director, VP, COO, CFO)
HR looking for a turnkey solution
Entrepreneurs too busy to build supply chain skills

Our Guarantees

1. Test without risk

In this training, you will get a powerful method to measure and drive the performance of your entire supply chain.

If you apply the content seriously, it will take you to the next level in your career, like the hundreds of people already trained by this method.

But if, unfortunately, this is not the case…

I will give you a full refund if you have not made progress within 60 days (just send us an email).

2. Benefit from a personalized “human” support

We will start by welcoming you with a personalized video (by Edouard). I will give you my tips for your LinkedIn/CV profile to help you reach your goals.

Then, we provide personalized support by email and video in case of questions or blockages to get you through the process quickly.


Our technical team and I use a video messaging tool that allows us to send you nice videos to get you unstuck immediately.

Do not hesitate to send us your Excel files so that we can analyze them.


3. Enjoy regular updates

We regularly update our training courses free of charge for our members with the latest innovations and tools.

This is the 4th release of SCM Analytics™ (formerly SCM Metrics) following feedback from our members.


Numerous professionals & experts have already boosted their skills and careers with this program

supply chain logistique entreprises

They Trusted Me 👇


“AbcSupplyChain gives me the right tools and methods to scale my Consulting Business and boost the performance of my client” 

Kevin Smith

Supply Chain Consultant
📍Los Angeles, USA

"The AbcSupplyChain training programs are methodical, clear, precise and easy to understand. Edouard is a person who fundamentally wants to help and guide Supply Chain professionals.
He was able to adapt to my profile and give me sharp advice and did not hesitate to reveal to me many professional shortcuts that could have taken several years of experience to discover and acquire on my own. Don't hesitate to take the plunge and invest in yourself with Edouard and AbcSupplyChain".
Franck Marin
International Logistics Expert - ASEAN
"What is very interesting in SCM Analytics is the operational aspect. We're not into college theory. It's very simple and fun.

We consultants don't have the time, we have projects with a start date and an end date. And Excel is a great tool to implement solutions quickly.

I learned a lot: Power Query has completely changed my life. I discovered things that I didn't even know were there."
Dominique LEPINE
Supply Chain & IT Consultant - IBM
"Edouard is not only a real supply chain professional but also a wonderful trainer. His methods are very clear and explain very simply major issues of supply chain management. They give simple tools to deal with daily supply subjects as well as strategic issues. I recommend !"
Caroline Julien
Consultant - Coach - Organisation - Management
"I do not regret having started with AbcSupplyChain.
The content is very instructive, the concrete approach allows an immediate application"
Marc Demougin
Head of Purchasing & Supply Chain at Canadian General Tower
I learned a lot with Edouard, another vision of Supply chain management. its pedagogy provokes, pushes the listener to the learning of a knowledge or know-how based on very relevant analyzes with the key decision-making the strong point of these trainings is its availability and its reactivity. Thanks Edouard
Diallo Hassimiyou
Supply Chain Manager - Coach - Auditor - Senegal
"A simple dashboard was enough to finally have visibility on all our supplies.
This allowed us to immediately identify a concrete action plan to reduce our shortages and overstocks.
I highly recommend Edouard's pedagogy and method, which is easily applicable to SMEs."
Entrepreneur - SME Storipro


“As an S&OP Manager, SCM Analytics has allowed me to save more time, impress my management and learn about every aspect of the Supply Chain” 

Jessica Seurinck

S&OP Manager – Belgium

“As a transition manager, I needed a few tools for my clients, such as KPIs and dashboards. Your training was very good to build my skills and improve immediately the performance of my company”

Gilles Campisi

Interim Manager 
Industry – Europe market 🇪🇺

Working in Finance, I wanted to understand better our SCM operations. My first “pretty” dashboard made a great impression on my CEO !”

Carol Meng

Lead Financial Analyst
Austin USA  🇺🇸

"I joined SCM Analytics for the Excel and KPIs expertise. My primary goal was to build an automated dashboard to drive the performance of my manufacturers. It is now done and they are very satisfied.

I really upskilled, especially with Power Query. I discovered this tool only recently, less than a year ago.

Today, macros are over for me. Power Query is great for cleaning, making data more reliable. It is a great tool that is already integrated in Excel."
Corentin GOURLET
Production Planner - HERMES
"The difficulty I had when I started the job was that I was overwhelmed with data, priorities, and deadlines. It was hard to have a clear action plan and focus on what brings us value.

Thanks to SCM Analytics, I am more productive because I have much better tools, which allow me to make decisions very quickly.

I now have a great opportunity: I have just been promoted to Supply Chain Manager in Israel at Decathlon"
Vincent POCHON
Supply Chain Manager - DECATHLON
"Very methodical and didactic, we go straight to the point. Edouard takes us by the hand step by step.
The Excels and tools are great and allow us to apply his methods immediately in our company without spending months learning theory.
I thought I was an expert on Supply Chain Dashboards but I was surprised to learn new techniques to be even more efficient."
Head of Supply Planning - BIC Group
"The collaboration with Edouard has enabled us to make significant progress on the evolution of our stock issues.
The scientific approach based on the fluctuation of our consumption and the reliability of our suppliers has paid off!
Beyond the good results with a 50% drop in missing components, I particularly appreciated the co-construction of the tool which allowed us to be autonomous very quickly and to improve our skills".
témoignage consulting formation supply chain
Olivier Chanut
Head Supply Chain - Gaggenau Industries - BOSH Group

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“I joined AbcSupplyChain during my master’s degree to go faster. I quickly got a permanent job, became ‘Mr Excel’ and I now train my manager!”

Jean-Baptiste Guennoc

Supply Chain Manager Assistant
France 🇫🇷

"Edouard’s way of teaching is very clear and simple. I recommend it if you want a fast and professional method to learn anything about supply chain. His method provides great business examples to be applied in your career."
Simon Gouabault
Demand Planner assistant - LG Electronics
"Thanks to these courses, I was able to develop my knowledge and expertise in a very short time.
Edouard is a true pedagogue who has the ability to teach sometimes complex things in a very fluid way.
I highly recommend this training to anyone who analyses data in Excel and is interested in the Supply Chain.
Responsable achat témoignage
Aurelio Toti
Buyer at Bombardier – Canada
"The advice shared by Edouard as well as his private coaching were very enriching!
I had a lot of questions about my career path and the evolution of the Supply Chain in general. Edouard was able to answer them all!
He has a great knowledge of the field, and his experiences that he does not hesitate to share are very rewarding for a student still at the beginning of his professional career.
I have since obtained a great job. Thank you very much!
stagiaire supply chain logistique
Maxime Govart
Supply Chain
"Edouard's pedagogy and methodology are outstanding. He delivers effective tools, easy to put into practice, with real examples and with the right dose of theory. I highly recommend him as a tutor and a coach for people in the supply chain field who want to skip too much theory and get right into... See more"
Amina Harmali
Junior procurement officer at Goldea lighting


This program is designed for anyone who wants to improve their supply chain skills, including:

  • Professionals working in supply chain
  • Professionals working in purchasing
  • Professionals working in logistics
  • Professionals working in transportation
  • Professionals working in finance
  • Professionals working in industry / production
  • Professionals working in data science
  • Business Analysts
  • Supply chain and operations consultants
  • Executives (COO, CFO, VP, Directors …)
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to optimize their cash flow and turnover
  • And all people wishing to make a reconversion in this strategic field

You don’t necessarily need to have a background in supply chain and logistics. This method aims to take you from a foundation level to expert step by step by repeating what I do with examples.
This program will start with an introduction of the main principles before going into more and more detail on techniques and methods.

On the other hand, a beginner level on Excel (basic functions like FindV, Sum, If …) is useful to rebuild the dashboards quickly (I reassure you, I film my screen step by step).

It is also important to have a stable Internet connection and Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

You don’t necessarily need to have a background in supply chain and logistics. This method aims to take you from a foundation level to expert step by step by repeating what I do with examples.

This program will start with an introduction of the main principles before going into more detail on techniques and methods.

On the other hand, a beginner’s level on Excel (basic functions like SearchV, Sum, If …) is useful to rebuild the dashboards quickly (I reassure you, I film my screen step by step).

It is also important to have a stable Internet connection and Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

Once you have registered, you will immediately be emailed access to a site reserved exclusively for program members. There you will find downloadable videos and Excel files organized in modules that cover everything you need to know one by one. We’ll get right down to business with simple examples and methods..

I will also ask you to share with me your professional goals as well as your difficulties and blocks. I will then prepare a video coaching to help you overcome them as well as a direct feedback to improve the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

We all have different schedules. That’s why our program is based on your availability and your desire to get up to speed quickly.

The most motivated members have managed to complete this program in less than 7 days with about 30/35 hours of work. The duration varies according to your initial level and the practical cases applied to your company.

If you are an employee, the average time to complete this program is 4 to 5 weeks, or 5 to 6 hours per week for 5 weeks (you can do it in the evening for a few hours or on weekends).

The busiest people (Directors, Managers and supply chain firefighters 🚒 …) will complete this method in less than 8 weeks, or 2h to 3h per week.

My programs are designed to last no more than 20 Hours total of content + practical cases and exercises to be applied immediately, because I know your time is valuable and I will get right to the point.

Each module is broken down into short episodes of less than 10 minutes to allow you to progress quickly and at your own pace.

There are more than 100 in total, with many quizzes and exercises to practice and validate your skills.

In addition, you have access to a hundred videos (15 hours optional) where I share the best questions and answers from my members. This is an exclusive toolbox for my members only (See the “Consultations with Edouard” section in the private member area)

The resources (videos, tools, downloadable files) will be available immediately after your payment has been confirmed.

You will then have 1 year of guaranteed access to complete the course (most of our members complete it in less than 1 month). If you complete it before that time, your access will be extended for 5 years, this is to motivate you to complete the training and reward your commitment 💪

The resources are regularly updated with feedback from our participants as well as the evolution of tools and trends in Supply Chain and Logistics.
The certificate, Excel and Power Point downloads will be available for life.

Excel 365 is used in this program. The files are compatible with versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and office 365 in French and English. 
The dashboards will however display slightly differently on excel versions prior to 2013 and MAC version (I will give several alternative solutions if you have a MAC).

  • With the Solo Offer, you get access to the method in a replay platform, allowing you to go at your rhythm. Some very motivated trainees will go through it in a few days, while others will take a few weeks with less time. I record my screen as I build dashboards in front of you. Then, all you need to do is repeat my actions with your data. Or you can use mine to practice.
  • In addition to your Solo Offer, I will record 1 video of personalized coaching after you’ve enrolled to analyze your objectives, blockages, and LinkedIn profile. My goal will be to give you all the advice and tricks you need to boost your performance and career rapidly.
  • You also have access to an unlimited video database of the program to allow you to apply the method immediately and be certified in a few weeks.

After your order, you have 60 days to review the course, apply my advice and decide if it meets your expectations.

If you haven’t progressed, just send an email for a 100% refund.

The only condition to be eligible for reimbursement is to try the techniques that are revealed in this program.

If you would like to certify more than one person from your team and receive individual support and additional bonuses.

Please contact us via the “TEAM” offer to receive a personalized analysis of your needs.

The program only opens for a few days each year to ensure quality follow-up with members and to prepare for future updates.

When the program opens, you can join today and not start the program for several weeks or months. Start at your own pace. However, I recommend that you devote at least 30 minutes a week to the program to get quick results.

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