Generate more accurate forecasts
in less than 4 weeks

(without being a mathematician or IT expert)

How is your forecasting situation today?

Are your sales forecast all over the place? Are you drowning in unsold stock? Do you feel every department in your company operates in its own universe? It’s time to face the harsh realities 👇
  • Demand Uncertainty: Interest rates variations, inflation, geopolitical conflicts… The uncertainty impacts global demand, making your forecast inaccurate.

  • Data issues: You are lacking data (or wrestling with inaccurate data), turning every forecasting attempt into a high-stakes gamble.

  • Rigid Software/ERP: Ever tried generating a quick report and ended up spending hours navigating through unintuitive menus? That’s your ERP system—more of a hindrance than a help.

  • No team alignment: To make matters worse, your team is completely misaligned. The sales, Marketing, Manufacturing departments are operating on different planets. If there is an S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) it is at best wilingful but mostly inefficient.

  • Not enough time: As if that’s not enough, you’re swamped with endless meetings and a never-empty inbox, leaving you no time to focus on forecasting

The Costs of Inaccurate Forecast

Time & Stress: The “Firefighter syndrome”

You likely know the strain that comes from bad forecasting. It hits everyone, from the boardroom to the warehouse. When predictions fail, your team rushes to handle emergencies instead of focusing on big-picture tasks. Constantly being in crisis mode isn’t just a bad strategy; it’s a fast track to stress and burnout.

Career Stagnation

For those in managerial roles, bad forecasts mean bad performance reviews and stalled career paths. For anyone making forecast, a lack of accuracy becomes a direct impediment to promotions and professional growth.

Profit & Inventory rollercoasters

Bad forecasting results in allocating the wrong ressources at the wrong time: Investment, Cash, Recruitment, Marketing spend and either excessive or insufficient inventory. Both scenarios are damaging: stockouts lead to lower revenue and customer discontent, while surplus inventory escalates holding costs. Overall, it results in diminished cash availability and reduced profits for your organization.

Environmental Impact

Inaccurate forecasts mean Last-minute adjustments—rush orders, expedited shipping… The result? Increased operational costs and, even worse—an increased carbon footprint, waste and too much impact on our beautiful planet.

The 5 wrong solutions to improve your accuracy

Hoping for demand to stabilize

Volatility got much worse since the last pandemic and global uncertainty is here to stay. There is no stable industry with perfect steady demand. We have to become more resilient and proactive.

Waiting for the new version of your ERP/Software

You may wait another 1 to 5 years...if your project get approved. Not even sure, it's gonna be easier for you after. Believe it or not, you don't need a state-of-the-art ERP or forecasting tool to succeed. I've managed erratic demands for major retail clients like Decathlon and Coty using just Excel

Seeking perfect data

Some hesitate to dive into forecasting because they believe they need a mountain of 100% clean data to start. The truth is, even a few years of historical sales data can provide a solid foundation for your forecasting journey..

Starting a new degree in Mathematics & Data Science

You might fear that you need to be a mathematician or a machine learning expert to forecast effectively. In reality, even renowned forecasting competitions have shown that basic statistical methods are just slightly less accurate than AI powered algorithms (and are more than enough for 99% of the companies)

Relying on your Management for Solutions

Your superiors are probably like you, very busy. If they haven't already provided you with the right solutions and methods, they are unlikely to do so later.

How to improve your forecasting accuracy quickly

1. Focus on what you can impact

At the global and industry level
, The demand uncertainty is influenced by macroeconomic factors: there is little you can do about it simply because you can not change world.

At the level of your company, better forecasting is theoretically achievable through better organization, better recruitment, better software etc. But again, you have little control over it -unless you are the CEO. (Many CEO can’t even have fast impact on large organization)

Instead of waiting years for a more settled Demand, a better Company Culture or a new ERP Software, focus on what you can impact: Yourself and your team.

2. Assess your forecast maturity


In my forecasting journey, I have designed very simple forecasting process and models but also complex ones: I collaborated with the MIT for 3 years, running models on eight different supercomputers for months.

The verdict?

We often believe that complexity equates to accuracy. But in reality, it’s an 20/80 game – sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

I remember than adding so much external parameters to my forecasting algorithms (such as the influence weather on demand etc.) were causing them to be overreactive and provide worse results than super simple models.

That’s why the level of complexity of your forecasting process and models must match the level of your forecast maturity.

Otherwise you will face a performance “crash” .

3. Start immediately with simple action & tools

I asked 389 professionals on Linkedin about the tool they use to forecast 👇

27% use a ERP & Forecasting Software: If it is your case, you might be frustrated by the lack of flexibility of those tools, that weakens both your forecasting process and model.

Then start implementing models in Excel. The big advantage of Excel is that you can test quickly and practice by yourself to upskill.

But a majority of you are already using it (62% of the respondents) and are not yielding results. Then you might not have the right methodology.

The most straightforward approach is to follow 8-steps -from defining your goals to empower your team.

This method made me achieve better forecasting, become a top performer and regain control of my time. More on that method below.

How Mario and I became Top Performers

Mario has been a close friend for 12 years. We met while working at Decathlon in Supply Chain and Finance.

As we were traveling the world for our jobs, we had lively debates about the best way to work: more efficiently, more automatically, more innovately.

We have been top performers in our forecasting careers partly because we were highly proactive and pragmatic.

We co-created a complete method called Forecasting Expert™ that combines our 2 different approaches and styles 👇

Edouard Thieuleux

The Forecasting Facilitator

  • +15 years in Supply Chain & Operations
  • From Demand Planning, SCM Manager, S&OP Manager, Director to Consultant in 6 different countries
  • Holistic Approach, Keeps It Simple
  • Hates repetitive tasks
  • Founder of AbcSupplyChain, the online school for SCM Experts & Leaders
expert consultant supply chain logistique

Mario Vito Francisco

The Amazon Forecasting Expert

  • +15 years in Finance & Supply Chain
  • World Class Demand Forecasting Expert
  • Mathematical modeling & Machine Learning
  • Improved the forecasting process of +100 millions products at Amazon for 6 years
  • Down to earth approach
  • Will share his secrets methods & tools 🤫

Forecasting Expert is the he result of a 5-years journey – since we launched the AbcSupplyChain company.

Among the 130,000 professionals that use AbcSupplyChain tools, more than 1000 from +20 industries answered our Forecasting Surveys and shared their forecasting challenges.


Generate More Accurate Forecasts in Less Than 4 Weeks

(without being a mathematician or IT expert)

Save Your Company Money and Increase Customer Service Rate

Through better forecast accuracy and better resources allocation

Become the Facilitator Everyone Appreciates

Learn the Communication and S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) skills to bring everyone on the same page

Get Serenity: Finally Stop Working Like a Firefighter

By increasing your productivity and mastering stress management skills

Get Better Career Opportunities

Boost your forecasting performance and communicate your results to increase your visibility inside and outside your company

Prepare the Future So You Are Not Left Behind

By integrating new technologies into your forecasting process

Join an immersive AI experience

Story inspired by Edouard’s own experience that uses real company data and AI-Powered characters
(let’s keep it fun 😉)

You have 4 weeks to save the company

From Production to Customers


8-Steps Method to
Forecasting Excellence

1) Meet the directors & Define clear Goals

1-Interactive Zoom meeting with the board of Director
2-When do we need a forecast (or not)
3-The costs of inaccurate forecast
4-The 3 levels of forecast
5-Forecast Horizon & Lead Time
6-Individual gaol meetings with each director
7-Matrice Forecasting Goal tool
8-Who is responsible for the forecast
9-The right level of Forecast Accuracy
10-AMAZON goals & forecast ownership process

Your first meeting will start immediately with the board of Director. The situation is critical, you will have to deal with strong expectations, stress, ego & politics.

2) Collect, Clean & Transform data

1-The data you need (Amazon Example)
2-Deal with Finish goods, raw material & components
3-How to extract data and deal with IT department
4-Introduction to Power Query (life changing)
5-How to clean data
6-The right data format
7-How to transform data
8-How to merge data
9-Collect, clean & transform with Power Query in 10 minutes
10-Data Cleansing exercices

You will learn how to extract, clean and transform data automatically

3) Choose the right Forecasting Model

1-Top Down VS Bottom up forecast
2-Macro Financial Analysis
3-Financial Forecast (4 methods)
4-Different levels of financial forecast
5-BONUS: how a CFO forecast (Interview)
6-Naive Forecast examples
7-Moving Average examples
8-Exponential smoothing (simple, double, triple)
9-Other forecasting models
10-How to choose the right model by testing
11-Apple revenue forecast exercices

You will learn the different method to forecast and apply the best according to your maturity level

4) Forecast Baseline, New products & Promotions

1-Build your own Forecasting tool in Excel (real examples)
2-How to forecast a baseline
3-How to clean outliers & integrate stockout correction
4-How AMAZON deal with Bullwhip effect
5-How to calculate seasonality (3 methods)
6-How AMAZON create seasonality clusters
7-How to calculate and integrate Trends (Macro & Micro)
8-Forecast Added Value (FVA) approach
9-How to include promotions in Baseline Forecast
10-How to forecast new products (even without comparable model)
11-How AMAZON forecast new products
12-How to integrate Sales & Marketing inputs (safely)

You will build a forecasting tool step by step in Excel with thousands of products from Fondation to Expert level

5) Measure, Analyze & Review the forecasts

1-ABC & XYZ Analysis (3 methods)
2-How to track forecast accuracy (4 methods)
3-Short term forecast review
4-How to track accuracy automatically in Excel (Power Query)
5-How to track gap between Macro & Micro forecast
6-How to track gap between Financial, Sales & Supply Forecast
7-Create amazing chart analysis (Sku & macro level)
8-How to analyze forecast accuracy (3 steps)
9-S&OP review meeting templates
10-AMAZON forecast review process

You will track accuracy, measure, analyze and act like pro in a few weeks only

6) Automate your forecasting process with thousands of products

1-Forecast thousands of products in Excel automatically
2-Automate your file with Power Query
3-Multi Sites forecast (Warehouse, Factory, Store...)
4-Spread your forecast automatically to Logistics, Production
5-Introduction to BI tools
6-Should I forecast in Excel or my (rigid) ERP
7-ERP optimization strategy
8-How to guarantee data accuracy
9-How to standardize your process
10-How AMAZON automates everything

Tableau de bord indicateurs supply chain logistique

Multiple way to generate automatic forecast from Excel, Power Query to ERP process

7) Communicate & Empower your teams

1-How to communicate efficiently with all departments
2-My personal story as S&OP Manager
3-How to become a Facilitator
4-How to align all departments to one forecast (S&OP)
5-How to cope with stress (My burnout)
6-How to deal with ego & politics
7-How to empower your team
8-How to empower your clients & suppliers
9-How to create a Forecasting Expert Team
10-How AMAZON communicate & delegate

Become a Forecasting Facilitator and empower everyone inside and outside the company

8) Prepare for the future (Python, AI, Machine Learning)

1-Introduction to Python
2-Forecasting demonstration with Python
3-How to become a Python Expert
4-Probabilistic forecasting
5-The potential of Big Data
6-How Machine Learning works
7-How to start Machine Learning
8-The future of coding
9-The future of ERP & Forecasting software
10-The future of AMAZON Forecasting

We will reveal you the latest trends and innovation to prepare the forecasting process of the next 10 years

🎁 5 exclusive Bonuses* 🎁

*Only for new October 2023 subscribers

Exclusive Live group Q&A coaching with Edouard & Mario

Ask us anything during multiple live Q&A coaching session. Various topic covered : Technical, Mathematical, Excel, Tools, Machine Learning, Communication, Carreer advices ...

Access to the Forecasting Tool Box

We will reveal multiple secret tools we use to generate more accurate forecast, get seasonality from the market, generate more new products forecast...

Forecasting with ChatGPT Demo

Step by Step tutorial to use the power of ChatGPT to generate automatic forecast and recruit a super AI assistant

Free Update: Python in Excel Demo

We will reveal the latest way to forecast in Excel using the beta version of Python. Demo with real data example

Amazon Forecast Workflow

Mario will reveal his Amazon Forecast accuracy analysis workflow that allowed him to improve the performance of +100 million of products

Become a certified Forecasting Expert™

Prove Your Expertise and Boost Your Career 🚀

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Forecasting Expert™ Solo

The complete method to become an Expert
  • The complete Forecasting Expert™ Method in 8 steps
  • Build Automatic Excel Forecasting templates
  • Practice with real examples and thousands of products
  • 5 exclusive bonuses (only new October 2023 members)
  • Amazon Forecasting secrets
  • Video support & Live group coaching with Edouard & Mario
  • Forecasting Expert™ certificate
  • 60 days progress warranty

Forecasting Expert™ Team

Build a Forecasting Expert Team
  • The complete Forecasting Expert™ Method in 8 steps
  • All the templates & tools
  • Boost the forecast skills of your team in 4 weeks
  • Personalized skills assessment
  • Tailored support & team reports
  • Individual certification

Which formula to choose?

Solo Formula
The essentials for independent success.

You want to discover my complete method independently and at your own pace.

  • Any profesional managing demand/sales forecasts 
  • Managers/ Directors/ Executives who need to quickly get to the point to manage their teams
  • Consultants who need concrete tools and methods to meet their clients’ expectations
  • Entrepreneurs who want to achieve fast and lasting results by following a simple method.
  • Students and job seekers wishing to boost their skill and attractivity.

Team Formula
Train a Team of Experts

You want to discover my complete method and train your team.

  • Managers/Directors/Executives who need to train their teams in no time
  • Entrepreneurs looking to boost their company’s performance
  • HR and training managers wanting a turnkey solution to ensure a certified upskilling of their teams

Our Guarantees

1. Progress without risk

In this training, you will get a powerful method to improve your forecast accuracy and become a top performer.

If you apply the content seriously, it will take you to the next level in your career, like the hundreds of people already trained by my methods.

But if, unfortunately, this is not the case…

I will give you a full refund if you have not made progress within 60 days (just send us an email).

2. Benefit from a customized "human" support

We provide customized support by email and video in case of questions or blockages to get you through the training quickly.


We get your questions covered 😉

Our technical team and I use a video messaging tool that allows us to send you nice videos to get you unstuck immediately.


Do not hesitate to send us your Excel files so that we can analyze them.

3. Enjoy regular updates

We regularly update our training courses free of charge for our members with the latest innovations and tools.

How much longer will you wait to become expert?

The gap between 2 people with the same profile (diploma, job…) can widen very quickly, at any step of their career.

Proactive people who keep building the right skills can quickly differentiate from the rest, because there are so many wait-and-see people.

With ever-increasing competition and the rise of Automation and Artificial Intelligence, the difference can be exponential.

At the end, there are winners and loosers.

They Trusted Me 👇


Easy method and based on real examples. I also enjoyed the personal video support to answer to my very specifics challenges of a DtoC and Ecommerce business. 
Now I have the perfect tools and checklist to scale my operations.


Iggy Alvarez

Director of Operations & Logistics Ecommerce
📍New York, USA

“AbcSupplyChain gives me the right tools and methods to scale my Consulting Business and boost the performance of my client” 

Kevin Smith

Supply Chain Consultant
📍Los Angeles, USA

“Finally a simple and concrete method to go straight to the point in just a few hours. We reduced our warehouse inventory by 30% ! “

Mamadou Diakho

Head of Replenishment & Demand Planning – CARREFOUR
📍 Dubai, UAE


” I loved this program: easy to understand, easy to follow. You have the lessons and exercises to practice. Edouard makes his lessons easy as a Supply Chain Management should be. The examples are based on real cases” 

Julien Schmitt

Supply Chain Manager

“The course helped me to structure everything from the production to the customer. Now I have a clear strategy”

Ekaterina Kvasha

Head of Operations – Startup
📍Oslo, Norway

“As an S&OP Manager, SCM Analytics has allowed me to save more time, impress my management and learn about every aspect of the Supply Chain” 

Jessica Seurinck

S&OP Manager – Belgium


The advice shared by Edouard as well as his private coaching were very enriching! I had a lot of questions about my career path and about the evolution of the Supply Chain in general.
Edouard was able to answer them all! He has a great knowledge of the field, and his experiences that he does not hesitate to share are very rewarding for a student who is still at the beginning of his professional career.
Thank you very much!
stagiaire supply chain logistique
Maxime Govart
Junior Supply Chain Consultant

“I joined AbcSupplyChain during my master’s degree to go faster. I quickly got a permanent job, became ‘Mr Excel’ and I now train my manager!”

Jean-Baptiste Guennoc

Supply Chain Manager Assistant
France 🇫🇷

"Edouard’s way of teaching is very clear and simple. I recommend it if you want a fast and professional method to learn anything about supply chain. His method provides great business examples to be applied in your career."
Simon Gouabault
Demand Planner assistant - LG Electronics


In general, the program is for any profesional managing demand/sales forecast.

Solo Formula:

  • Managers/ Directors/ Executives who need to quickly get to the point to manage their teams
  • Consultants who need concrete tools and methods to meet their clients’ expectations
  • Entrepreneurs who want to achieve fast and lasting results by following a simple method.
  • Students and job seekers wishing to boost their skill and attractivity.

Teams Formula:

  • Managers/ Directors/ Executives who need to train their teams in no time
  • Entrepreneurs looking to boost their company’s performance
  • HR and training managers wanting a tailored solution to ensure a certified upskilling of their teams

The program only opens for a few days each year to ensure quality follow-up with members and to prepare for future updates.

When the program opens, you can join on the day and not start the program for several weeks or months. Start at your own pace. However, I recommend that you devote at least 30 minutes a week to the program to get quick results.

You don’t need to have a background in demand/sales forecasting (nor statistics or data science). This method is holistic and doesn’t focus only on time-series forecasting techniques: it englobes processes, people and tools needed at every step.

On the other hand, a beginner level on Excel (basic functions like Vlookup, Sum, If …) is useful to rebuild the Excel files quickly (be reassured, I film my screen step by step).

It is also important to have a stable Internet connection and Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

Most of our pedagogy use Excel as a learning tool. But we also provide demonstrations of Machine Learning / Python for forecasting.

Those are demonstrations and not a course about coding or data science, because you would need much more time to deep dive into those subjects.

The goal is to make you more aware of the possibilities given by those tools: we also provide you external ressources if you want to go further.

You get access to the method in a replay platform, allowing you to go at your rhythm. Some very motivated trainees will go through it in a few days, while others will take a few weeks with less time. I record my screen as I build dashboards in front of you. Then, all you need to do is repeat my actions with your data. Or you can use mine to practice.

Once you have registered, you will immediately be emailed access to a site reserved exclusively for students. There you will find downloadable videos and Excel files organized in modules that cover everything you need to know one by one. We’ll get right down to business with simple examples.

We all have different schedules. That’s why our program is based on your availability and your desire to get up to speed quickly. You can log in and progress through the course at any moment and see improvement in the way your forecast after putting in practice the first few lessons.

The duration varies according to your initial level and how much you can apply in your company.

The training is designed to last 4 weeks (4 hours/week).

The busiest people (Directors, Managers and “Forecasting Firefighters” 🚒 …) will complete this method in less than 8 weeks (2 hours/week)

There is 16 hours of content and exercises to apply immediately, because I know your time is valuable and I will get right to the point.

Each module is broken down into short episodes of less than 10 minutes to allow you to progress quickly and at your own pace.

The resources (videos, tools, downloadable files) will be available immediately after your payment has been confirmed.

You will then have 1 year of guaranteed access to complete the course (most of our members complete it in less than 1 month). If you complete it before that time, your access will be extended for 5 years with full updates, this is to motivate you to complete the training and reward your commitment 💪

The resources are regularly updated with feedback from our participants as well as the evolution of tools and trends in Demand/Sales Forecasting.

The certificate, Excel and Power Point downloads will be available for life.

After your order, you have 60 days to review the course, apply my advice and decide if it meets your expectations.

If you haven’t progressed, just send an email for a 100% refund.

The only condition to be eligible for reimbursement is to try the techniques that are revealed in this program.

If you would like to certify more than one person from your team and receive individual support and additional bonuses.

Please contact us via the TEAM formula to receive a personalized analysis suiting your needs.

Excel 365 is used in this program. The files are compatible with versions 2013, 2016, 2019 and office 365 in French and English. 
The dashboards will however display slightly differently on excel versions prior to 2013 and MAC version (I will give several alternative solutions if you have a MAC).

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