The complete method to finally become efficient with Excel,
automate EVERYTHING and become an expert
in less than 12 hours

+1.2 billion people use Excel

That’s about one in 8 people worldwide.

Office workers spend nearly 40% of their time on Excel.

This is a strategic skill.

For all companies, including those on the cutting edge of automation.

Even Amazon (which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on a large scale in its operations) requires being an expert in Excel :

Amazon's job posting on LinkedIn for a Senior Supply Chain Manager position in London.

Yet the overall level is still very low.

I realize this every day, people are not at the level.

This may be the case for you too if you:

Like 95% of your colleagues, you don't master the features that are essential to be effective

sondage excel competence Linkedin

Example: how to consolidate your data automatically
(my LinkedIn survey of 426 supply chain professionals)

It's not (only) your fault

You’ve probably experienced that situation where you’re totally stuck on your Excel file.

You’re making no progress because…

1. You don’t have time

Every day you have to juggle emergencies, calls/emails, meetings…

These daily interruptions make your work disjointed.

2. You are under pressure

You are under constant operational pressure. Whatever your function, (Operations, Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Marketing…) you have short deadlines to meet.

3. Your data is unreliable

Whether it’s input data errors, format issues… you spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning up and making your data reliable.

Sometimes it’s your file itself that is unreliable if your colleagues are changing it regularly.

4. Your system/software is inefficient

Almost all companies work with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or different management software for every function in the company.

These software packages are made to integrate much of a company’s activities but, once installed, are very rigid.

The user interface is often not very intuitive, and extracting the data you need is difficult.

This is what my ERPs interface looked like...

The consequence?

All of this impacts your career.

Your Excel file is not just a work tool…

It’s a deliverable for your boss or client or a critical aid in your decision-making.

Your results depend on it.

If, daily, you’re struggling with your Excel files…

Then, in the long run, your career stagnates.

But let me tell you something:

It’s not (only) your fault.

Because you have little control over most of these obstacles.

But there is one thing you can change: your Excel skill level.

And it’s possible to progress quickly.

You don’t need to master all 517 Office functions…

You just need a method.

A method to get out of any Excel mess, boost your productivity and get recognition from your boss and colleagues.

I’ll talk about this method below.

Before that, let’s look at the 5 pitfalls you shouldn’t fall into when trying to get ahead on Excel.

The 5 (bad) solutions to become efficient on Excel

Working harder than everyone else (for nothing)

The "first in, last out" mentality is not getting you anywhere. Except perhaps to your physical and mental exhaustion.

You should not think about doing more but doing better.

Abandon Excel because it's "has-been"

I often hear that Excel is has-been.

And that it's better to go with the latest BI or Machine Learning software.

This makes me smile gently...

Excel is far more convenient for importing and calculating data than any software. That's the reason it's used by 1.2 billion people around the world.

And contrary to what one may think, Excel has been able to evolve by integrating modules like Power Pivot, Power Query that allow working with powerful data models.

Also, it will probably integrate with virtual assistants that use Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT in the coming months/years.

And then... who needs BI software when you can make dashboards like this? 👇

One of my Excel dashboards in Supply Chain Management.

Depend on a colleague

You may have enough level today to handle the basics but you depend on an expert colleague on Excel to get you unstuck, correct your mistakes etc.

I was for a long time in the place of this colleague.

Being the "Mr Excel" of my companies, I was often solicited by the same people as soon as they had a problem.

But I always ended up making them understand that my time was precious and that they had to think about upgrading their skills.

Don't depend on someone else, become autonomous.

Face-to-face or e-learning training

Often, you have two choices for training:

1. Train yourself face-to-face through your company.

They are done with multiple people at the same time, some will find it too slow, others too fast (like a highschool classroom). It's a hassle.

2. Take an e-learning course (through your company or not)

The problem with most of the online training courses on Excel is that they are far too generalized.

Also, they use few examples, or examples that are too far from the reality of the field.

Search for information on your own

We can be tempted to do what everyone else does.

We can tattoo with what we've learned, spend hours on Google looking up all the details of the formulas....

We've never had access to so much information to practice. But without structure and method, you can quickly get lost.

Because there are hundreds if not thousands of YouTube tutorials like this 👇.

New tools like ChatGPT make it a little less lonely when you’re stuck on Excel.

But they won’t replace the experience of a human: ChatGPT won’t give you real examples of business data to train you.

It will remain what it is: an assistant.

It will be a new tool that integrates with Excel. And like every new Excel tool or “add-in” (Visual Basic, Power Query, Power Pivot…) you will have to learn how to use it.

Training on your own is tough.

That’s the path I took and I can tell you that I spent an enormous amount of time before I became an expert on Excel…

15 years to be excact.

"It took me 15 years to become an Expert with Excel by myself."

Consultant Supply Chain Expert formateur

Edouard Thieuleux

Your trainer and founder of AbcSupplyChain


+30K subscribers (across two channels)

In every company, every job in my career, my Excel skills made the difference immediately.

I differentiated myself from most of my colleagues because their Excel skills were actually quite limited.

The Excel tools, reports and templates I developed allowed me to :

  • Find an internship in Malaysia
  • Be expatriate in Brazil by Decathlon
  • Get a visa in Australia (I started with a 48h contract only where I was doing Excel Macros)
  • Get more responsibilities on managerial positions, then director
career supply chain expert leader

It took me over 15 years of browsing blogs and YouTube videos to really become an Expert with Excel.

I sorted out what is useful and what is not.

And I’ve developed a comprehensive method with real-world examples to develop your expertise in less than 12 hours of training.

With this training, I reveal all my Excel techniques and tricks to get you in the top 1% of performers and boost your career.



The complete method to finally become efficient with Excel,
automate EVERYTHING and become an expert
in less than 12 hours

This program is for you if you want to...

This program gives you access to the following


-This is for everyone and can be applied anywhere.
However, the data used is from real-world examples in supply chain, procurement, logistics, operations and transportation.

The 40 essential EXCEL formulas to master

-Learn the 40 essential formulas to master Excel.
-Gain efficiency to focus on improving your performance.

CALCULATE EVERYTHING IN EXCEL with powerful formulas

-All the essential calculation formulas to measure, optimize, analyze your performance.
-Concrete examples in supply chain.


-I explain how to clean, standardize, replace and prepare your data before integrating it into a dashboard
-An essential and often overlooked step.

Consolidate and merge your data

-Consolidate your data from multiple tables with the best formulas -Lastly master INDEX MATCH and its big difference with SEARCHV.
-Discover a new, even more powerful and easy-to-use feature
-Avoid a mistake made by 98% of professionals

Create POWERFUL pivot tables

-Create multi-level reports in a few clicks to analyze all your numbers in powerful pivot tables.
-This module is essential to then create automatic dashboards (next module)

VISUALIZE your data on beautiful charts and maps

-Create beautiful, clean multi-axis charts
-Use automatic charts
-Create customizable charts to animate your best KPIs

Create a dashboard that will impress your management

-I film my screen and explain step by step how to create a beautiful dashboard
-Adding dynamic filters
-Modern and impressive design
-Automatic update

Master the mathematical features to solve problems

-I unveil advanced features only used by Experts
-Use the solver to solve complex problems
-Make your forecasts in a few clicks on Excel
-Optimize your prices, storage capacity, transportation and production in a few clicks.


I simply explain how to build macros without coding in VBA.
Build your own templates to automate your repetitive tasks like copying and pasting files or cleaning your data.


Discover this magical tool to automate everything:
-Data import (Excel, ERP, WMS, text file, SQL ...)
-Automatic data cleaning with artificial intelligence
-Data reliability to end unreliable indicators
-Merge dozens of files instantly (even easier than Macros)
-Intricate and automatic KPIs (impossible to achieve with calculated fields of pivot tables)


-15 Excel files serving as a working base and template for the exercises.
-I use real company data (often unreliable and poorly structured 😉) to allow you to practice immediately.


At the end of the modules, there are exercises that allow you to repeat and validate what you have learned with concrete cases in Inventory Management or Supply Chain.

BONUS: Official certificate to boost your CV

At the end of this program, receive an official international "SCM Excel Expert" certificate to prove your expertise on this strategic skill and boost your resume and career.

Master essential formulas such as INDEX MATCH to consolidate your data with real-life examples.

The Pivot Table, a classic that is often misunderstood. I present to you a trickthat 98% of people do not use in business.

Set up graphs on different axes to analyze the impact of your service rate on your sales. I will also show you a trick to display your forecasts over your sales history automatically.

What is the best selling price for the Iphone to maximize profits. I reveal advanced Excel features to optimize everything in a few clicks.

I explain by filming my screen how to make the most of the Excel solver to optimize your storage, production, transportation, productivity ....

Macros are not that complicated, I explain step by step how to create Excel macros that will automatically copy, paste and format your sales, stock and margin data in one click.

Create 100% custom maps to animate your KPIs that will impress your management (tip even without using office 365)

Clear, Reliable, Consolidate all your data automatically in a few clicks with Power Query and Power Pivot. It's much easier than you might think, and it will revolutionize your productivity with Excel.

Earn an official international certificate to prove your expertise
and boost your career

Increase your attractiveness by sharing your new expertise on LinkedIn.


Develop this key skill to boost your performance and career

Become an AbcSupplyChain Member and access to our exclusive content & tools

logistics supply chain course online

Finally become an expert on Excel in less than 12 hours.


$ 347
or 3×$130
  • Boost your efficiency and career by becoming an Excel Expert in less than 12 hours
  • Create automated graphs, maps and dashboards to impress your management
  • Master the 40 essential formulas to be 5 times faster than your colleagues
  • Automatically update your files with macros
  • Automate all your tasks with Power Query and Power Pivot
  • +15 Excel files to download with examples in supply chain, logistics, purchasing, operations
  • Exercises with real company data to apply and progress immediately
  • Official international certificate to prove your expertise and boost your CV and career

Our Guarantees

1. Test without risk

In this training, you will get a powerful method I have been developing for years in my supply chain journey.

If you apply the content seriously, it will take you to the next level in your career, like the hundreds of people already trained by this method.

But if, unfortunately, this is not the case…

I will give you a full refund if you have not made progress within 60 days (just send us an email).

2. Benefit from a personalized “human” support

We will start by welcoming you with a personalized video (by Edouard). I will give you my tips for your LinkedIn/CV profile to help you reach your goals.

Then, we provide personalized support by email and video in case of questions or blockages to get you through the process quickly.


Our technical team and I use a video messaging tool that allows us to send you nice videos to get you unstuck immediately.

Do not hesitate to send us your Excel files so that we can analyze them.


3. Enjoy regular updates

We regularly update our training courses free of charge for our members with the latest innovations and tools.

Currently, these are the 4th versions of our SCM Analytics™ (formerly SCM Metrics) and Inventory Management Expert™ courses following feedback from our members.


They Trusted Me 👇


“AbcSupplyChain gives me the right tools and methods to scale my Consulting Business and boost the performance of my client” 

Kevin Smith

Supply Chain Consultant
📍Los Angeles, USA

"Edouard is not only a real supply chain professional but also a wonderful trainer. His methods are very clear and explain very simply major issues of supply chain management. They give simple tools to deal with daily supply subjects as well as strategic issues. I recommend !"
Caroline Julien
Consultant - Coach - Organisation - Management
"I do not regret having started with AbcSupplyChain.
The content is very instructive, the concrete approach allows an immediate application"
Marc Demougin
Head of Purchasing & Supply Chain at Canadian General Tower
"I learned a lot with Edouard, another vision of Supply chain management. its pedagogy provokes, pushes the listener to the learning of a knowledge or know-how based on very relevant analyzes with the key decision-making the strong point of these trainings is its availability and its reactivity. Thanks Edouard"
Diallo Hassimiyou
Supply Chain Manager - Trainer - Auditor - Senegal

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Very methodical and didactic, we go straight to the point.
We can apply the methods in our company without spending months learning theory. 

Aude Loyer

Head of Supply Chain Planning – BIC Group
📍Paris, France

Edouard amazed me with his ease to transmit his knowledge through structured and concrete methods on EXCEL, derived from real professional experiences.
The logic of his interventions will guide industry professionals to perfect knowledge of the intricacies of the supply chain and thus improve their business process substantially. They are also very responsive to questions, I highly recommend
supply chain manager
Michael Sancier
Supply Chain Manager - Canada
This is probably the best investment I have made in the last few years. The cost of these trainings (Excel and Inventory Management Expert) is really very competitive when you see the enormous added value that it brings in terms of skills at the end.
It allowed me to manage my daily activity, reduce my stocks and save a lot of time to work on high value added tasks. Thank you so much for sharing your methods and tools!"
Christian GBALE
Projet Buyer - Orbility
Cécile Guilbeau - Excel

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“I joined AbcSupplyChain during my master’s degree to go faster. I quickly got a permanent job, became ‘Mr Excel’ and I now train my manager!”

Jean-Baptiste Guennoc

Supply Chain Manager Assistant
France 🇫🇷

"Edouard's pedagogy and methodology are outstanding. He delivers effective tools, easy to put into practice, with real examples and with the right dose of theory. I highly recommend him as a tutor and a coach for people in the supply chain field who want to skip too much theory and get right into... See more"
Amina Harmali
Junior procurement officer at Goldea lighting
"Edouard’s way of teaching is very clear and simple. I recommend it if you want a fast and professional method to learn anything about supply chain. His method provides great business examples to be applied in your career."
Simon Gouabault
Demand Planner assistant - LG Electronics
"Thanks to these trainings, I was able to develop my knowledge and expertise in a very short time. Edouard is a true pedagogue who has the ability to teach sometimes complex things in a very fluid way. I highly recommend this training to anyone who analyzes data in Excel and is interested in Supply Chain."
Responsable achat témoignage
Aurelio Toti
Buyer for Bombardier - Canada


Once you have registered, you will immediately be emailed access to a site reserved exclusively for program members. There you will see videos and downloadable files organized into modules that cover everything you need to know one by one. We’ll get right down to business with simple examples and methods. 

The resources (videos, tools, downloadable files) will be available immediately after your payment has been confirmed.

You will then have 1 year of guaranteed access to complete the course. By completing the course before this deadline, your access will be extended for 5 years to motivate you to complete the course (most of our member complete this program in less than 5 weeks).

The resources are regularly updated with feedback from our participants and the evolution of Microsoft tools.

The certificate, Excel and Power Point downloads will be available for life.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their skills in Excel. You do not necessarily need to have experience in supply chain and logistics.

Excel 365 is used in this program. The files are compatible with versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and office 365 in English. Otherwise, your version must be compatible with Open Office on the basic formulas. The file is also compatible with Mac, the interface is however slightly different.

After you place your order, you have 60 days to review the course, apply my advice and decide if it meets your expectations.
If you have not progressed, simply send an email to receive a 100% refund.
The only condition to be eligible for a refund is to try the techniques that are revealed in this program. (The only exception is the “Private Consulting” hours which are non-refundable)

If you would like to certify more than one person from your team and receive individual support: Click Here

The Solo Pack only opens for a few days each year to ensure quality follow-up for old and new members.

When the program opens, you can join today and not start for several weeks or months. Start at your own pace. However, I recommend that you dedicate at least 30 minutes a week to the program to get quick results.


Send us an email at [email protected]

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