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Find the best Supply Chain, Logistics & Inventory Management Online Courses, Training, Tools, Excel Template, Tips, MOOC, to improve your supply performance and boost your SCM career

SCM Metrics™

Best KPIs and Metrics to measure & improve the performance of your Supply Chain & Logistics

Inventory Management Expert™

Reduce your inventory & increase your customer service rate

SCM Career Accelerator™

New SCM Career program to boost your Career
in Supply Chain & Logistics

SCM Excel Expert™

Online course to work more efficiently with Excel in Supply Chain

The ABC XYZ Analysis™

Discover this unknown SCM Best Practice to classify & optimize your inventory management

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10 Testimonials from our SCM online courses

Your Logistics & Supply Chain degree is no longer enough! The Supply Chain evolves very quickly with more complexity, methods and tools to master. I have never stopped training throughout my career to develop my skills in Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory Management, Forecasting and IT tools.

While my colleagues rested on their current skills, I have never stopped doing Supply Chain Management online courses, reading books, browsing supply chain research and surrounding myself with Experts & Coach to develop my skills.

This continuous training allowed me to become more efficient which greatly increased my attractiveness, opportunities and my salary over the years.

Thanks to this high level of performance, I have had the chance to work in 5 different countries over the past 15 years as Supply Chain & Logistics Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager and Supply Chain Director.
I have always loved to share my knowledge simply and concretely and I have prepared online courses and training for you to quickly boost your skills in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I particularly recommend the "SCM Career Accelerator" and "Inventory Management Expert" training courses, which are my most complete programs to develop your Supply Chain & Logistics skills.

Edouard Thieuleux

Your Instructor & Founder of AbcSupplyChain

Expert supply chain logistics inventory management

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