Analyze your supply chain & Become finally efficient

Gain visibility into your supply chain.

Identify the best metrics.

Improve your performance and regain control of your time.

What you will get...

Day 1: Understand the decline in global supply chain performance

-A key indicator that shows the degradation of global supply chain performance.
-Why your goals are not well defined.
-The two reasons that lead professionals to be reactive and work "like firefighters".

Day 2: Identify the right number of indicators

-The mistake that SMEs make who do not yet have a mature supply chain
-The trap that large companies very often fall into (I call it the "expert syndrome")
-A simple method to be sure to have the right number of indicators or KPIs.

Day 3: How to regain visibility simply and automatically

-Why you are always overwhelmed (it's not just a "time" problem)
-The "performance triangle" strategy for having a profitable supply chain (examples from Apple and Amazon)

Day 4: Dealing with complexity and managing your supply chain

-Why supply chain performance management isn't that complicated.
-5 very simple steps to drive your supply chain performance, even if you're starting from scratch.

Day 5: Automate your reporting to go to the next level

-The two mistakes not to make if you want to automate your reporting.
-A tip to stop working manually (and avoid wasting a fortune on IT development projects).

Day 6: Examples of my journey and what you can learn from it

-4 dashboards that changed my life (and how you can change yours too).

Day 7: Bonus...

I unveil my new Excel dashboards and my exclusive KPIs benchmark 🤫

I reveal my tips at the rate of a video per day

Who am I?

Consultant Supply Chain Expert formateur

Edouard Thieuleux

Your Instructor & Founder of AbcSupplyChain

I have been confronted with the challenges of Supply Chain Performance Management for 15 years.

I have held Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager, and Supply Chain Director positions in France, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and Portugal.

In sectors such as manufacturing, mass distribution and consumer products.

Mastering this strategic skill has allowed me to make better decisions, perform better than most of my colleagues, and have more opportunities in my career.

career supply chain expert leader

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