How to get rid of stockouts and overstocks

7 days of free advice to optimize your inventory from scratch:

How to get rid of stockouts and overstocks

7 days of free advice to optimize your inventory from scratch:

What you will receive...

Day 1: Understanding the unpredictable environment in Supply Chain

-The "Roller Coasters" of the last 3 years that increase operational pressure in Supply Chain (and stress)
-The indispensable first step to reduce inventory and stockouts (and stop working like a firefighter)

Day 2: How to deal with demand uncertainty

-The method for anticipating demand variations that every supply chain professional should know
-The strategy to adopt if your goal is to increase service rate
-The strategy to adopt if your goal is to reduce inventory

Day 3: How to deal with the lead time uncertainty

-How to measure lead time/supplier uncertainty (several pitfalls to avoid)
-How to integrate this uncertainty into your inventory management simply and improve your performance

Day 4: Simplify your inventory management to get to the point

-How TOO much complexity can bring down your performance
-Tips to keep in mind for managing your procurement and distribution network.

Day 5: Automate your inventory management to go to the next level

-How to have automatic processes and stop wasting an inordinate amount of time on manual tasks (ZARA example)
-The 2-step plan to automate your inventory management even if you are starting from scratch

Day 6: My Supply Chain journey and what you can learn from it

-How I fast-tracked my supply chain career with my inventory management skills (and how you can do the same)

Day 7: The 13 parameters you need to master

-Recap of inventory management settings, from your product list to dynamic safety stock
-In what order to add them to increase your performance while limiting the level of complexity


A bonus to go further

I reveal my tips at the rate of a video per day

Who am I?

Consultant Supply Chain Expert formateur

Edouard Thieuleux

Your Instructor & Founder of AbcSupplyChain

It’s been 15 years that I have faced inventory management and supply chain challenges.

I’ve been in positions such as Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager, and Supply Chain Director in France, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, and Portugal.

In sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and consumer goods.

In each of my positions, I have:

  • Reduced inventory between -10% and -40%
  • Improved the service rate between +1 and +10 points
  • Automated/Simplified inventory management on hundreds of thousands of products
  • With ERP/WMS, or with Excel

I’ve also transformed small businesses and multinational corporations by optimizing their inventory management as a consultant in various sectors.

On all of my positions and projects, I have reduced inventories by more than $700 millions for my companies and clients. Several billions considering the hundreds of members trained by this method.

expert consultant supply chain logistique

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How to get rid of stockouts and overstocks

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