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Boost your Supply Chain Career

Best pieces of advices & Strategies to boost your Logistics & Supply Chain Career: Diploma, Degrees, Certification, Skills, CV, LinkedIn, SCM Jobs

Boost your career: Fundamentals

6 Pillars to become Supply Chain Manager : Diplomas, certification, experiences, skills, strategy, CV, Linkedin, how to get promoted ...

Comparison of the Best Supply Chain & Logistics Online Courses. Advantages, Disadvantages, Prices, Certificates, Content , Udemy, Edx, LinkedIn...

Performance at work is the essence of your role in your company. It’s about meeting the requirements of your contract. So how do you boost your performance?...

Boost your career: IT Skills

Most people think they can master Excel. But how many times have I seen colleagues manually report data and waste considerable time, when all of this could be automated and optimized?...

There are a multitude of specialized tools and software (ERP, BI, TMS, WMS, etc.) in our businesses to centralize relevant data. Getting train and mastering these tools is essential today in order to boost your career in supply chain...

Here are the most used programming languages which will play a major role in automation and innovation for the following years...

Discover the latest Supply Chain innovations

Blockchain in Supply Chain has many applications: Traceability Combating fraud Verification/Audit systems But what are some concrete examples of Blockchain implementations? ...

Very often, Excel serves as an intermediary between information systems and users. However, another tool has been in the news a lot in recent years: Python. Some Supply Chain professionals are using it daily to analyze their ERP data...

Discover the 10 Trends and Innovations in Supply Chain & Logistics in 2020. AI, Machine Learning, Demand Planning, Robots, Trade War, ...

Discover the Secrets of the Supply Chain & Logistics of AMAZON : Figures, Warehouses, Expansion Strategies, Innovation, Drone, Transport, Robot , AI...

4 technological innovations transforming our Supply Chain: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Chatbots, Augmented Reality (AR), Logistics Robots

Fast-track your career: SCM Accelerator

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Supply Chain & Logistics have evolved enormously in recent years with many new trades, innovations & technologies. This transformation requires mastering new skills and tools that did not exist just a few years ago.

I admit that I was not sure in which direction to go at the beginning of my career in Supply Chain, but I had the chance to work with smart people which allowed me to have a rich and fast career in 5 different countries.

I was notably SCM Consultant, Supply Chain Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, S&OP Manager and Supply Chain Director.

My goal is to share with you all of my advice, strategies and mistakes to allow you to have the most rewarding career in Supply Chain & Logistics.

Edouard Thieuleux

Founder - AbcSupplyChain

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